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PSS SCH smoke chambers are designed for the food industry and meat processing operations and their main task is to be involved in the manufacturing of heat-processed meat and other food products.

These devices greatly simplify the work mainly in meat production plants because they allow the heat treatment of smoked products in one complete production cycle, including reddening, drying, smoking and cooking.

The PSS SCHs thus significantly contribute to the production of high-quality final products. Smoke chamber trucks, evenly filled with meat products which are ready to undertake processing, are pushed into the smoke chamber. There is a smooth transition of steam, smoke and air mixture through individual trucks in the chamber. By this process, the PSS SCHs ensure the steady flow and temperature distribution throughout the internal space of the chamber and subsequent achievement of increased quality of processed products.

The smoke generator is part of the PSS SCH as well as the moistening system, which provides humidity treatment in the smoke chamber. The cleaning system ensures the perfect internal space cleaning. The PSS SCHs are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and needs with left or right hand design of door opening.


  • Connection to PC
  • Smoke trucks
  • Truck sticks (smoke sticks)
ParameterSCH 1SCH 2SCH 3SCH 4
Smoke chamber input28 kW54 kW81 kW108 kW
Boiling chamber input27 kW53 kW80 kW107 kW
Chamber weight1 380 kg1 900 kg2 400 kg3 100 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)1330 mm x 2080 mm x 3315 mm2395 mm x 2080 mm x 3315 mm3470 mm x 2080 mm x 3715 mm4540 mm x 2080 mm x 3715 mm
Capacity600 – 800 kg/8h1 200 – 1 600 kg/8h1 800 – 2 400 kg/8h2 400 – 3 200 kg/8h
No. of trucks1234
Voltage network3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S
Standardized AC voltage230/400 V ± 10%230/400 V ± 10%230/400 V ± 10%230/400 V ± 10%
Control voltage230/24 V AC230/24 V AC230/24 V AC230/24 V AC

As a result of continuous process improvement and modernization of our products there may be deviations and changes in characteristics and descriptions of machines. Therefore the manufacture PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. reserves the right to change some specifications and technical parameters of its products.