Sovietských hrdinov 460/114, 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia

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Environmental protection and material recycling issues are addressed by a number of measures and guidelines regulating the collection of production metal wastes, collection and environmentally friendly disposal of waste substances, and by strict adherence to applicable technological and safety procedures at work.

Continuous renewal of the machinery shop and use of the latest equipment in the production and machining of high-quality metals contribute to reducing noise and other harmful emissions.

The environmental approach is also obvious from the physical location of the Company on the outskirts of an industrial zone. It does not impair the integrity of residential areas, the resident’s quality of life, or architectural consistency with the surroundings. The potential of using existing fixed assets has not been fully exploited yet, and therefore the Company is able to further develop and expand its production and utility activities on its current premises without the need for occupying land under further building projects.

Our production program helps our customers to produce, process and distribute meats, vegetables and fruits, as well as to produce and distribute beer, in an environmentally friendly manner. Our products contribute to an enhanced standard of beverage- and food-production that conforms to the most demanding hygienic regulations.