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Vincent Bouvet – „The reasons why I chose PSS were the quality, performance and long lifetime of their products“

My name is Vincent Bouvet and I am the founder of Be Here factory in Ville-la-Grand, France. Be Here is an artisanal beerproduction space, with organic malts and hops carefully selected for their qualities.

Our idea is simply Be Here and enjoy your time staying with friends. The lovely area near Geneva lake is really suitable for it.

For our idea to start a brewery, we decided to purchase equipment from PSS SVIDNÍK a.s. We purchased 3 -vessel automatic brewhouse with tanks and other necessary
equipment to run our brewery. The purchase and installation were made in 2019.

The reasons why I chose PSS were the quality, performance and long lifetime of their products. Design and surface finish are really of a high standard, therefore I know
that this investment is very well made.

Thanks to automatic brewhouse system I am able to save my new recipes and then easily pick some of this recipes and start brewing. I really appreciate the PSS team personal attitude and efforts that has been taken to meet my requirements.

Efficiency and running cost, that I achieve with PSS equipment, are other factors, that make PSS a great choice.

I would recommend PSS SVIDINIK,a.s. as a reliable partner if you are planning to buy new or upgrade your old brewhouse system.

Vincent Bouvet, Founder of Be Here factory

Be here



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