Sovietských hrdinov 460/114, 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia

+421 54 78 62 111

  • Malt delivery in big bags and small bags.
  • Malt system is equiped with big bag station including two big bags discharge outlets.
  • Milling system includes small hopper for special malt manually added by operator.
  • There is 4 roller malt mill which will be mounted separately from grist case.
  • Part of the milling system is grain case which is placed on weighing cells, including discharge screw and frequency controller.
  • Underneath the big bag station, small hopper, malt mill and grain case to mash tun we planned with pipe chain conveying system.
  • The scope of supply includes transport of grain to mash tun based on pre-set operation by operator.
  • Control of milling system is via main control panel of brewhouse.
  • Placement of milling system on the ground level in building.
Malt milling