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ALFA BIO s.r.o.
Meat processing machinery references Slovakia

In 2008 we from the company PSS SVIDNÍK a.s. purchased microcutter M 1200 and then was been placed in operation. The device is in terms of technical performance, functionality and efficiency in the processing of raw materials at a high level. It is characterized by easy operation and visually pleasant design. Of its using we get the final products of the required quality. M 1200 also meets all requirements for safe and reliable operation.
So we are very happy with this device so far, and until his work did not reveal any significant deficiencies. We would like to say thank you to your company PSS SVIDNÍK a.s. for great cooperation and wish you good luck in your future endeavors. We agree with the presentation of our letter to communicate with your future clients.

Best Regards
Ing. Ján Lunter, company executive

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