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Šestakov A.A – „Brewery from PSS helped us to achieve important technological advantages“

The company „Svegev“ was established in 2008. Over 5 years of work our team has passed a long way from a small beer retail into a large business network with own brewery. „Svegev“ now has 21 stores across the region of Omsk and modern production line installed according to European standards.

By purchasing a complete brewery manufactured by PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. (Slovakia) in 2013, our company implemented a new technological scheme of producing high-quality beer wort with the maximum output, resulting in a decrease in the cost of material resources.

Proposed design of the brewery and introduction of the complete package of technological specifications, which include basic instructions, have helped us to achieve important technological and technical advantages:

  • Simple operation and easy maintenance during operation,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • Mechanization and automation of technological processes,
  • Technological efficiency of decoction brewing method and getting high-quality wort,
  • Automatic washing,
  • Reduction of production costs,
  • Increase in the quality and further expansion of product assortment.

Thanks to the new device, our beer is still distinctive and well-saturated with a unique flavor and light hops aromas. This allows each expert of live foamy beer to find a favorite type of beer. Any other live Omsk beer in barrels can not be compared with it in flavor and aroma.

„Svegev“ – it is thirteen original kinds of live beer. Product quality has always been on the first place because there is nothing more valuable for a brewery than getting appreciation from customers.

Šestakov A.A
Svežev, s.r.o. –
Vorovskogo, 116,
Omsk 644039, Russia

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