Sovietských hrdinov 460/114, 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia

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Manu Bachelard – „PSS offers the best value for money“

I hereby would like to confirm that we have purchased in 2016 a 35 HL brewing station from the company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s., Slovakia, comprising 6 tanks – Mash kettle, Lauter tune, Wort kettle, Whirepool. Hot water tank and Cold water tank – as well as a malt milling system, 3 fermentation tanks (which we have then completed with 5 more in 2 different deliveries), 2 cooling units, a steam generator and a compressor.

We have chosen PSS following a relatively long process of offer comparison and found out that PSS offered the best value for money.

We are wery pleased with the quality of the material delivered as well as with the efficiency and professionalism of the various installation teams which we have successively come to our brewery. They have been able to respond to our specific demands, adapting the installation to the constraints of our building and to our specific needs. Whenever we have a technical problem with the brewing station, PSS team is very quick to respond and we always manage to find an efficient solution.

To conclude, we are convinced that we will continue to work with PSS for future developments of our brewery and are very happy to warmly recommend PSS for future clients. I remain at your full disposal for any further questions.

Manu Bachelard, CEO Brasserie Cap´taine Mousse

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