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Hubert Rabourdin – „We are brewing beer on a quality and fully automated equipment“


My name is Huber Rabourdin, I work as a farmer and a brewer in France, in Seine-en-Marne near Paris. We installed our brewery to a silo in Courpalay, which is an atypical plant, because it is an old silo that we changed into a brewery.


When searching for a new equipment, we chose the PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. Company from Slovakia. They installed the new unit and the whole project lasted one year. In 2014 we started choosing the equipment, we chose the full automatic equipment with a capacity of 35 HL. It was a huge change for us, because the previous equipment had a capacity of 9 HL. We quadrupled our production with all the advantages of full automatic production. The commissioning started in 2015.

Very soon, we obtained the same quality of beer as before, when producing smaller quantities. We had to modify the recipe a little, but the equipment fulfilled all the production requirements. We chose the EUROTECH micro brewery 35 HL, so that we can expand in the future.
We have an equipment with 5 tuns, namely the mash tun, the lauter tun, the kettle and the whirpool. We even added a reserve tank where we can boil wort every 2 ½ hours.


We were in touch with the PSS Company several times. Our first contact with the representatives of the PSS Company took place on an exhibition in Nuremberg, followed by several other meetings.

The first three meeting took place there and their aim was to show us the equipment. Then I went personally to Slovakia 3 times to visit their plant. I could see their production process. I must say that one of the advantages of this company is the fact that they produce all the parts themselves. They explained us all the production phases in detail and thanks to their experience we managed to get an equipment that met all our needs.


Our brewery is open to all the new clients of the PSS Company. You are welcome to come and see the equipment produced by the PSS Company. We will be happy to see you in our brewery Rabourdin, near Paris in France and present you the equipment in more details.

Hubert Rabourdin, The owner and the main brewer in Brasserie Rabourdin

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