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The tank management system is intended for beer storing and serving in gastronomic facilities.

Tanks are filled with beer from vessels by means of a hose or intake pipeline. Tanks are cooled to a temperature of 8-10°C whereby they may have an independent cooling system or they are kept in a cooled room. When being stored, beer retains its premium quality which is provided – among other things – by an exchangeable polypropylene plastic bag. Beer tapping is facilitated by pressurized air generated by an air compressor with filters.


  • Beer does not come into contact with air, and its maximum quality is retained
  • Possibility to draught non-pasteurized beer, i.e. a 100% natural product
  • Tedious keg handling is eliminated
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Large-scale of draught beer facilitates retaining its favourable prices
Tapping beer tanks WITH cooling
Compressed air

  1. Insulated beer tank 10 HL
  2. Polyurethane insulation 50 mm
  3. Cooling coil
  4. Inner lining
  5. Tank lid
  6. Valve
  7. Variable stands
  8. Air compressor
  9. Air treatment
  10. Air distributor
  11. Safety valve and manometer
  12. Electronic temperature control
  13. Cooling water distributor
  14. Cooling unit
  15. Coolant container
  16. Pump
  17. Draught beer dispenser
Tapping beer tanks WITH cooling
Compressed air

  1. Non-insulated beer tank 10 HL
  2. Variable stands
  3. Tank lid
  4. Valve
  5. Safety valve and manometer
  6. Air compressor
  7. Air treatment
  8. Air distributor
  9. Cooled draught beer dispenser