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The Portioning Device PSS PD 240 is an efficient device for dividing a line of minced meat into very accurate portions.

As needed, the size of the portion and their number are set by the operator on touch screen control panel. Portioning device PD 240 can be used for portioning any type of minced meat (beef, pork, poultry, mixed…).

PD 240
ParameterPD 240
Applicationportioning minced meat on the line
Capacitymax. 130 pcs/min
Weight of the portion300 – 1 500 g
Maximum portion weight deviation+/- 1%
Width of the portionaccording to paper
Length of the portionas needed
Height of the portion30 – 150 mm
Paper typeconveyor paper in roll
Width of the paper110 – 240 mm
Connectivityall PSS Speed Fillers
Control– control panel with buttons
– weight adjustment of portions,
portioning speed, etc. are
set directly via touchscreen
control panel on the SFV vacuum filler
Materialstainless steel AISI 304
Surface treatmentpolished surfaces
Designright or left – as needed
Total input2,1 kW
Input of the cutting knife1,1 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)1 900 x 760 x 1 500 mm
Weigh of the machine250 kg
Voltage network3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S
Standardized AC voltage230/400 V ± 10%
Control voltage230/24 V AC

As a result of continuous process improvement and modernization of our products there may be deviations and changes in characteristics and descriptions of machines. Therefore the manufacture PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. reserves the right to change some specifications and technical parameters of its products.