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Keg barrel washers and fillers are intended for internal washing and filling of keg barrels.

Keg washers and fillers are made according to customer´s wishes in different versions that are fit for washing and filling different keg barrel types or other small containers. Their separate functions enable keg barrel washing and filling operations to be performed simultaneously.

This device is equipped with a heated cleaning detergent reservoir, heated to approx. 80°C by using a thermostatically controlled heating element. Manometer provides pressure control in the connected circle. A stainless steel pump is installed because of the aggressive environment. Keg barrel washers and fillers also comprise steam, CO2 and water connections.

KEG barrel washers have the capacity of washing 12 (50 L) KEGs in an hour. KEG barrel fillers have the capacity of filling 16-20 (50 L) KEGs in an hour. The washing process is comprised of removing all residual beer from the barrels, washing, discharging the waste water, circulation of the chemical cleaning solution, providing a final rinse, steam sterilization, cleaning and pressurization and finally preparation of the kegs for filling. Keg barrels may only be released for filling once they have been washed and cooled to an appropriate temperature.

KEG barel washing machine
KEG Barrel Washer Capacity12 pcs - 50 L KEG/h
Pump Input /kW/0,45
Heating Element Input /kW/3,0
KEG Barrel Filler Capacity16-20 pcs - 50 L KEG/h
Detergent Reservoir Volume /L/60
KEG Barrel Washer Dimensions /mm/: width x depth x height850 x 650 x 1300
KEG Barrel Filler Dimensions /mm/: width x depth x height400 x 100 x 200
Weight of Empty Equipment /kg/95
Weight of Full Equipment /kg/175
ProtectionIP 54

As a result of continuous process improvement and modernization of our products there may be deviations and changes in characteristics and descriptions of machines. Therefore the manufacture PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. reserves the right to change some specifications and technical parameters of its products.