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PSS Giraffes (worm conveyors) are devices designed to transport processed material into appropriate machines.

The Giraffes of type B can have the horizontal part easily detachable from the vertical part. PSS Giraffes can be used as supplementary devices to each machine individually or as a part of the production line, they largely contribute to the automation of production. Their main advantage is that they ensure the smooth running of production itself, and facilitate the work with the processed material. The saving of time, energy and the work involved is ensured thanks to PSS Giraffes.

PSS Giraffes are supplied with a system of two worms. The material prepared for processing is fed into the PSS Giraffe hopper, from which it is moved fast and gently by the horizontal worm to the vertical worm and then to the outlet. The height of the PSS Giraffe outlet positioning can be adapted to individual requirements and needs of each customer.


  • Movable stand – horizontal and vertical part
  • Emergency stop
  • Pneumatic slip outlet, fixed
  • Rotary sleeve, pneumatic
  • Accessory trolley
  • Frequency converter of the vertical worm
  • Frequency converter of the horizontal worm
G 250B
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watch video
ParameterG 250 AG 250 BG 350 B
Horizontal worm input2,2 kW2,2 kW3 kW
Vertical worm input4 kW4 kW5,5 kW
Machine weight490 kg600 kg600 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)1617 mm x 1188 mm x 1536-2509 mm2651 mm (3047, 3447, 3747 mm) x 1178 mm x 1527-3222 mm2651 mm (3047, 3447, 3747 mm) x 1178 mm x 1527-3222 mm
Capacity12 000 kg/h12 000 kg/h15 000 kg/h
Worm diameter250 mm250 mm350 mm
Voltage network3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S3/PE/N 50Hz 230/400V TN-C-S
Standardized AC voltage230/400 V ± 10%230/400 V ± 10%230/400 V ± 10%
Control voltage230/24 V AC230/24 V AC230/24 V AC

As a result of continuous process improvement and modernization of our products there may be deviations and changes in characteristics and descriptions of machines. Therefore the manufacture PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. reserves the right to change some specifications and technical parameters of its products.