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Meat Processing Machines

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Meat processing line

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. offers wide variety of meat processing machines of various capacity as well as complete lines intended for high-capacity and continuous meat processing in permanently operated establishments. They consist of several types of machines and equipment and are designed for high production quantity. These complex systems are designed in accordance with customers‘ requirements.

Moreover, we offer a lot of additional equipment that helps customers to choose the best individual solution. All equipment including its software is designed by our company. We strive for simple operation, easy maintenance and top quality of the final product.

When the company was established, our production program consisted mainly of pilot equipment, which, with the exception of several changes in design and function, has been delivered to the market by the company for several decades.

At present, the production program specializes in the production of new meat processing machines that have been developed in recent years.
New generation machines have been designed not only for meat processing industry but also for other sectors, such as milk processing or chemical industries.

The conception of these machines is based especially on quality, function, keeping safety and hygienic standards, and provision of own equipment design elements.

Our intention is to create equipment that facilitates the work of our customers and helps them to produce fully-fledged final products. New equipment designed by PSS SVIDNÍK, a. s. can be used in a wide range of applications and represent an example of a perfect connection between traditional industrial processes, up-to-date technical development and timeless design.