Sovietských hrdinov 460/114, 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia

+421 54 78 62 111

// Ensamblador y soldador de máquinas procesadoras de carne.

Ján Ivančo

Con la empresa desde 1998

I have been working in the company for 35 years because I enjoy working as a assembler and welder. During my practice I learned a lot of things, especially in the field of welding and got certificates for welding with argon, electrode and oxygen. I know what to do and what is the procedure for making machines. If a person assembles and starts the machine, he sees that he has done something. This job suits me because I live close to work, meals are provided, the payment is regular, the production halls are tidy and clean and the new floors certainly contributed to this. Since I learned the professional skills of the company, I have the opportunity to participate in the production and completion of quality products.