We have become members of two American associations

31. January 2017

In 2016, the company PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. have become the member of two leading associations in American continent. The main goal was to present firm and its perfect portfolio even in the American territory. Our membership in these associations is also the expression for existing customers and guarantee for futuru clients that we are reliable partner in the realization of their projects.

It is American national organization that brings together more than 3600 home and craft breweries, brewery companies, brewers and maltsters The association represents interests of these independent subjects in the American territory and supports their activities. At the same time it helps private individuals in starting their businesses and gives them the opportunity to gather knowledge, contacts and informations that are necessary for their business. The association regularly organises exhibitions, conferences, trainings and lectures related to beer production with the objective to increase knowledge level of its members and also the general public interested in given issues.

It was created in 1939 and it is the largest international association in the North America, which represents more than 1200 its members, mainly meat processors, slaughterhouse operators, representatives of retails and wholesales, as well as manufacturers of machines for meat processing and various suppliers that provide their products and services for meat and food industry. The association helps members in manufacture of their products and helps them solve complications with which they encounter every day. In this way, it supports them, so they can fully devote to their business.