„Speed mixers from PSS – we have a customized solution for you“

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. designs and manufactures speed mixers

exactly tailored to your needs.

“Speed One-Level Mixer PSS SOM 1200 from PSS SVIDNÍK, .a.s. is in our operation from february 2016. The machine is under load for 24 hours a day ,5-6 days a week.

Regarding the technical aspect, we haven´t noticed any problem. Only one malfunction occured and namely the door sealing (it was solved within the scope of guarantee – we have received a completely new door). The machinery works during the whole loading time without construction and operation defects.

From a manufacturing standpoint, it shows 100% performance according to our expectations.

Regarding the capacity, the machinery fully complies with our requirements (the fi lling of the hopper is caa 900kg of product, with the temperature of -2,4 °C at mixing performance about 2850 kg/hour). The quality of the finished mix is of required consistency. We are satisfied with the mixer in terms of manufacturing and technical aspect and it fulfilled our expectations.

We consider it very important that the mixer is equipped with engines, which power has been consulted with our technicians, mainly with Mr. Meissner. By this, we have prevented possible complications and defects in our specific production.”

Dušan Hric, technical manager at RAVY CZ a.s.

PSS SM – Speed Mixer

PSS SMs are designed for food industry operations for the fast mixing of any kind of product. PSS SMs ensure even and gentle mixing regardless of product structure.

PSS SMV – Speed Mixer Vacuum

PSS SMVs are designed for food industry operations for the fast and quality mixing of any product type. PSS SMVs ensure soft and gentle mixing of products of any structure, where the avoidance of air intake is a condition for the product process by application of a vacuum system.

PSS SOM – Speed One-Level Mixer

PSS SOM Speed One – Level Mixers are designed for food industry operations for the fast, quality and gentle mixing of any kind of product. The mixers achieve fast mixing times thanks to its special modern design.