Breweries references

Hubert Rabourdin – „We are brewing beer on a quality and fully automated equipment“

My name is Huber Rabourdin, I work as a farmer and a brewer in France, in Seine-en-Marne near Paris. We installed our brewery to a silo in Courpalay, which is an atypical plant, because it is an old silo that we changed into a brewery.

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Šestakov A.A – „Brewery from PSS helped us to achieve important technological advantages“

The company „Svegev“ was established in 2008. Over 5 years of work our team has passed a long way from a small beer retail into a large business network with own brewery. „Svegev“ now has 21 stores across the region of Omsk and modern production line installed according to European standards.

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Christophe et Alexia NOYON – „Back to the roots and the passion of beer“

Born at the Belle Dalle farm and being a countryman at heart, I always knew I would come back to my roots. I studied to be an agricultural engineer (ISA Lille), then I became an amateur brewer.

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