Cold water tank

Cold water tank is a vertical, double-jacketed, cylindrical vessel, PU-insulated, with a flat lid and slightly tapered bottom, intended for preparation of ice-cold water for wort cooling.

Water-cooling is facilitated by a glycol duplicator system fitted in the cylindrical section, controlled by a temperature sensor and a solenoid valve in the side section of the tank. Water is cooled to 2°C. A level gauge enables visual check of the water level. Water intake into the tank is controlled by a solenoid valve, which is actuated by a float level sensor. The tank has an overflow duct that also serves as a vent.

Tank lid fittings include a circular inspection opening with a diameter of 450mm, a sanitation sprinkler head and handling eyelets for easy manipulation.

Available volumes of 5,6 HL – 70 HL

Type Vertical, cylindrical, cooled
Material AISI 304. Stainless steel
Surface Finish 2B – cold-rolled, annealed, pickled
Insulation PU foam
Top cover Slightly tapered
Bottom Slightly tapered
Legs Adjustable 4 pcs
Glycol Cooling Zone In the cylindrical section; connection G ø“
Vessel Pressure 0 bar
Cooling Zone Pressure 1,5 bar
Sanitation Arm DN 25 with DN 40 valve
Water Intake and Discharge DN 40 with DN 40 valve - bottom
Sprinkler Head Removable
Inspection Opening Cylindrical shape (on top cover)
Handling Eyelets 2 pcs
Valves DN 40, 3 pcs
Temperature Sensor Needle type PT – 100, 1 pc
Level Gauge Glass tube in metal case
Float Level Sensor LRNH – 31942
Pump JE 120

Yeast tank

A yeast tank is a stainless steel, double-jacketed container with a slightly tapered lower part and a removable top lid.

The cylindrical section is equipped with a glycol duplicator cooling system, operated by a manual globe valve. The tapered part has a bottom discharge for brewing yeast. The container is mounted onto a frame. It can be tilted by means of pivots and a lever.