Serving tank

Serving tank is a vertical, cylindrical vessel for beer storage and serving. The tank has a cooling zone and is fitted with adjustable legs.

Available volumes of 4 HL – 400 HL

Type Vertical, cylindrical, cooled, pressurised
Material AISI 304. Stainless steel
Surface Finish 2B, SB - cold-rolled, annealed, pickled
Insulation Polyurethane foam
Top cover Domed
Bottom Domed
Legs Adjustable 4 pcs
Glycol Cooling Zone In the cylindrical section and bottom; connection G 3/4“
Vessel Pressure 3,0 bar
Cooling Zone Pressure 1,5 bar
Sanitation Arm DN 25 / DN 40 with DN 40 valve
Beer Intake and Discharge DN 40 / DN 50 with DN 40 / DN 50 valve - bottom
Sprinkler Head Removable
Inspection Opening Oval shape (on top cover)
Vacuum Safety Valve DN 50 / DN 80 fitted to top cover
Overpressure Safety Valve DN 25 fitted to top cover, preset to 3,0 bar
Handling Eyelets 2 - 4 pcs
Sampling Valve DN 15
Valves DN 40 / DN 50
Temperature Sensor Needle type PT - 100, 1 - 2 pcs
Manometer DN 25 fitted to sanitation arm
CO2 Saturator DN 25 with DN 50 outlet
Level Gauge Glass tube in metal case
Certification and RTG tests TÜV or Slovak Technical Inspection