Job description:

– communication with customers by phone, e-mail or at the meeting,

– present solutions to the problem of customer,

– preparing and sending offers to the customers,

– meets with customers in their companies or invites customers and organise

meetings in our company,

– preparing contracts,

– works with assigned customer database,

– bussines trips,

– participating on exhibitions, where actively communicates with customers,

– get customers to order and to pay,

– work with daily schedules, statistics, reports, plans of income and orders

(weekly, monthly)



700 EUR FIX/month + sales commission (for Slovakia)



Strong communication skills, salesmanship, responsible, reliable,

organizational skills, Software skills,

technical knowledge,

travelling (bussines trips, exhibitions), drivers licence,

Active english and russian or polnish language.


Full-time job

Turn-out: ASAP